Carli Dávila is a creative strategist who is passionate about how business development and the digital realm intersect with communications, advertising and storytelling. 

After graduating from Cornell University, Carli moved into investment banking which forged his intense attention to detail and strategic mindset; his travels sparked a hodgepodge of views and ideas; and his years as a comedy performer nurtured his storytelling ability while harnessing the power of improv to extrapolate, iterate and create something new. 

He has worked in public relations, spearheaded the launch of two digital video platforms ( and and developed original video programming for two of Puerto Rico’s main media sites. In the past few years, Carli has focused on developing and executing strategy-driven advertising, marketing and publicity ideas for clients ranging from a tourism organization, a health clinic and a nonprofit to ad agencies and several startups.

Carli keeps his sanity by surfing and battling backyard weeds. Not simultaneously.

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