July 2021

[Action Dialogues]


We’re working on exploring the visions that each participant has about public education in Puerto Rico to synchronize coincidences and learn from our differences. We agreed to focus on the plans for academic recovery and explore initiatives that intersect with the Environment and Culture Action Dialogues.


We discussed how to maintain the energy and focus of this Dialogue in terms of clarity and concerted actions among its participants. We explore the possibility of expanding our topic from just housing to the broader reconstruction efforts that are currently taking place.


After various discussions of what our next steps to delve into current environmental issues should be, we agreed to refine the focus topics for this [Dialogue] to integrate our environmental efforts with economic development, education and gender.


Learning to Listen

We successfully completed the first phase of the calls for proposals for our Learning to Listen project, a participatory grantmaking process in which 36 activists, community leaders and representatives from grantmaking and nonprofits entities are deciding how to award $900k in grants available from the FORWARD Fund for environmental, educational, and transparency + governance efforts.

A select group of promising projects were selected to move on to the second phase. Grant decisions will be made by the end of August. Stay tuned for the results!


Annual Convening

Please go ahead and add our Annual Convening to your calendars as we’ll be ‘Exploring diversity to lead social change’ in a myriad of wonderful ways! We’ll continually update the event landing page as details become available.


Kilómetro Cero presented ‘Evidencia la violencia’, a citizen-driven platform to register violent police incidents. Watch the webinar (in Spanish) to learn about how this powerful tool organizes data to give visibility to stories that 1) the State refuses to accept, 2) citizens ignore, or 3) that tend to be forgotten, on top of making it easier to demand accountability from authorities.

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