May 2021

[Action Dialogues]

Arts & Culture

Javier Hernández from the Observatory of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy (Lab Cultural) identified the importance of making them known to support cultural and investment policies that could positively impact the cultural economic sector of Puerto Rico.


Maritere Padilla, director of policy and advocacy for Hispanic Federation in Puerto Rico, shared recommendations on how foundations can work on the issue of environmental justice with a racial perspective. The conversation highlighted the challenges of both personal and organizational education on the subject that few foundations are currently supporting.


We reflected on the Recommendations for foundations in the Education section of the “Collection of voices and data”. We agreed to identify a specific project tied to any of these recommendations that we can collectively impact.


Forward Fund- Grantees in Action

The Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico presented their study Hanging by a Thread: Puerto Rico’s Safety Net and the Economic Mobility of Families which shows how the government’s safety net system has abandoned working families and provides recommendations to support their economic mobility.

Lab Cultural published initial results from its 2da Encuesta de consumo y participación cultural en Puerto Rico (2nd Survey on Cultural Consumption & Participation in Puerto Rico) which seeks to identify changes in cultural consumption habits of the population, on top of measuring the pandemic’s impact on the sector.

Learning to Listen

We successfully completed the first phase of our Learning to Listen project where 36 participants met virtually during the past six weeks to learn about participatory grantmaking basics and design the process to award $900k from the FORWARD Fund in areas of education, environment and transparency & governance.

Engagement and participation on all sessions was almost perfect, evidencing the deep interest from the community leaders, activists, nonprofits and funders that joined us in rethinking power balances in philanthropic practices. Conversations were honest, intense and thought-provoking. These resulted in three grant designs striving for grantmaking processes that are more attuned to the operational realities and programmatic needs of organizations and communities, while leveraging their invaluable, on-the-ground expertise.

In the coming weeks participants will fine-tune next steps, including calls for proposals. Stay tuned to our emails and social media for more information.


Annual Convening

We are getting ready for our 2021 Annual Convening! This year we will be Exploring diversity through social change. Don’t forget to Save the Dates October 20,21,22.


Join our upcoming webinar with Luis Gallardo and Grace Fontánez Tuesday, June 8 @4pm

Networking Events

During our second “junte de miembros” we continued the conversation about diversity, inclusion and belonging with Kenia Colón. 
Things we learned? That diversity is easily acquired by milestones, while belonging is not…and that is the real accomplishment we seek. We left with our hearts full after this open and deep engagement. 

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