Kevin González-Toro

González-Toro was born in Mayagüez and began his academic career at the RUM and completed a Master’s Degree in Economic Development from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. Later he completed a Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico. In 2012 he was admitted to legal practice by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

He was part of the professional team of Estudios Técnicos, Inc. (ETI), one of the leading companies in planning, economic advising and strategic consulting in the country. Prior to joining ETI, he worked in private consulting and in the Budget division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

During the last 10 years at the consultancy firm ETI, he had the opportunity to direct several projects on public policies, economic development and technical assistance in areas of local and federal regulation.

These projects include: The new child support pension system in Puerto Rico; the development of an Office for the administration of federal funds in the Office of Management and Budget; Guidelines for the internationalization of the Puerto Rican company; commercial guides for trade with the Republic of Cuba; and the development of vulnerability and poverty indexes. He also collaborated in multiple studies of economic impact.

During the last years, he has offered courses in educational institutions in Puerto Rico, as the Graduate Program of the Sacred Heart University and the Inter-American University.

González-Toro collaborates on topics of macroeconomic nature, international economics and administrative law. He has participated in courses offered by renowned economists such as Amartya Sen, Roberto Unger, Dani Rodrik, among others.

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