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Welcome to our Tools Area, a space committed to strengthening the social ecosystem and providing organizations with the means to enhance their productivity. Our specially crafted instruments allow nonprofit organizations and grantmakers to conduct self-assesments—an essential first step in recognizing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. This process enables organizations to reflect on and assess their performance, strategies, and resource utilization. Additionally, our tools provide a gateway to access a wide range of resources generated by the social ecosystem.

Puerto Rico Solar + Renewable Energy Landscape

This landscape analysis is a step towards understanding the landscape of solar renewable energy in Puerto Rico, in hopes that its findings can spur conversations about the ecosystem, its current direction, investments, recommendations for capacity development, gaps and the best role for philanthropy to play moving forward. This process could also provide a valuable opportunity to align economic recovery with capital scaffolding.

Herramienta de autodiagnóstico para fondos federales

Para Filantropía Puerto Rico, esta herramienta tiene el objetivo de provocar una reflexión sobre la capacidad para el acceso y manejo de fondos federales en las organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Puerto Rico. La misma puede utilizarse como punto de partida, en el proceso de análisis de su organización al determinar si va a acceder fondos federales vinculados a la recuperación.

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