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On the Ground Initiatives

Triple-S Foundation

The Triple-S Foundation assigned $1.25 million to raise awareness on social isolation and its health implications, advocate for public policy to address this ailment, and channel direct investment in community organizations that work with the most vulnerable groups affected by this reality.
Read more on how Fundación Triple S is tackling these social issues here.

Campbell Soup Foundation

New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Co. and the Campbell Soup Foundation announced a new round of 42 Community Impact Grants totaling nearly $1 million to organizations making an impact in the communities where Campbell has operations.

One of the recipients is the Food Bank of Puerto Rico, which received a $20,000 grant.

Here you can read more about the focus areas this grant has in Puerto Rico. 

Integro Foundation

Integro Foundation hosted an event where a total of 200,000$ were raised for nonprofits in Puerto Rico, especially for those working in the fields of mental health, environmental, community participatory action, the arts, empowerment and leadership, conservation, and youth.

To see the nonprofits that benefited from this effort, read the article here.

Titín Foundation

Titín Foundation has officially launched the Lab F3S project. The seven nonprofits selected to participate in the redesigned PHASE II of Lab F3S have already started courses in order to design competitive projects, business units and evaluation culture.

PHASE II of this acceleration and training program consists of technical assistance to strengthen organizational skills of leaders, leading to an improvement in project design and more opportunities of external funding.

Learn more about this project here.

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico has officially launched the Instituto para la Construcción de la Equidad Racial para las Américas (ICERLA) ahead of the Cumbre Afro 2022. ICERLA is framed in three pillars to achieve change: Leadership development to stimulate changes in public policy; Development of knowledge for action; and change of narrative.

Read the whole story here.


Artist Apprenticeship Fellow

Darryl Chappell Foundation

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR)

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