Impact of the FORWARD Puerto Rico FUND


The Puerto Rico Civic Address Vulnerability Assessment (PRCAVE) Toolkit, developed by iCasa, proposes to create a radiography of the population that has remained invisible on maps for decades, that are not part of “official” government data and remain excluded from federal programs due to problems of geolocation. Also through the FORWARD Fund, ICasa has been able to support the Vieques Nombra sus Calles project, an effort to preserve the cultural history of the municipality by officially naming their streets and neighborhoods. In addition, the fund has helped them generate verifiable data to shed light and evaluate the impact of public policy after Hurricane Maria on rural populations inPuerto Rico.

With the fund’s support, iCasa was able to provide direct services and technical support to communities in need free of charge. For them, being out in the community and interacting personally with the people they help is imperative, and the FORWARD Fund was one of the reasons they were able to do so. 

Indeed, naming streets preserves the history of the environment and its people. Stay tuned to learn more about the development of this amazing project!

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