FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund

Impact of the FORWARD Fund

Filantropía Puerto Rico established partnerships for the creation of a common fund with focus areas and grantmaking policies unprecedented in the history of philanthropy in Puerto Rico. In addition, it allowed for an organized distribution of aid funds that were being channeled to the island. The Fund became the backbone that successfully guided the mission of Filantropía Puerto Rico, not only for their investment in the recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico but also for the design of activities that have promoted engagement and amplified the social impact in areas of equity, collaboration, transparency and social justice.

We present the impact of the forward fund and highlight key findings of a comprehensive evaluation of the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund completed on June 2021.

Key Findings:

  • More donors increase their knowledge of and commitment to Puerto Rico
  • Growing civic demand for government transparency and accountability
  • NGOs producing Policy-relevant data to inform actions that promote equity and fairness
  • Stronger NGOs implementing effective programs to benefit vulnerable groups
If you are a grantmaker seeking to improve the lives of the marginalized, become a member to connect with other philanthropic entities and amplify your impact.


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