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Thank you again for being a member of Filantropía Puerto Rico as your participation strengthens and helps us grow our philanthropic ecosystem.

We want to make sure your experience is smooth and easy so you can keep enjoying your membership with other affiliates.

A message to our 2022 members


  • Action Dialogues evolve to the third Thursday of each month. They will become longer but will cover all topics relevant to you. The daily agenda will be created by YOU, our members, as we go along.
  • The Members Brunch will be organized by our members, and we really love this twist. If you are interested in hosting one, let us know and we will put you on the agenda for the first Thursday of each month.
  • To continue to bring communities, nonprofits and funders together and learn about each other’s work, we have implemented Learning Journeys. A new member event that we hope to include as part of our ongoing services.
  • Sometimes our members need a space to talk about the impactful work they are doing, and other times they just want to get together and relax. So we will continue to hold bi-monthly Member Meetups in hopes of creating this space where our members can get to know each other better and have fun.
  • And last but certainly not least, we have our in-person Annual Convening (Finally!) We will have workshops and interactive sessions aimed at leaning in to co-creating the present and the future of the social sector in Puerto Rico.

Here some resources to help you organize your agenda:

Join your peers

Our member hub is the perfect space to continue conversations, share news or get feedback from other philanthropic entities who understand the work you do. its is also a space to find and RSVP all your member events.

Enhance your work

As an official FiPR member, it is required that all organizations complete the Philanthropic Investment Tool. This resource is an integral part of the work we do to unite, study and analyze the philanthropic sector of our island.

Resources at your disposal

Take advantage of the content we continuously add to our website such as grantmaking resources, studies within Research & Tools and all our newsletters.

FiPR Team

Get to know our team! Our team keeps growing to help create more efficient membership services. We’re here to guide you…

Culture, Participation and Privacy Policy

We create a space for leaders and thinkers of the philanthropic ecosystem to convene, collaborate and tackle the pressing issues affecting Puerto Rico. To ensure members and attendees feel welcomed, comfortable, and are able to fully engage in the opportunities our space provides, we enforce a strict policy prohibiting promotional efforts or the solicitation of business, grants or donations.

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Membership Perks

For more information on any member benefits, please contact Anja Paonessa at [email protected] .


Cybersecurity Offerings

Cybersecurity is a topic that none of us can afford to ignore. Given that most, if not all of us, are now working virtually, we strongly encourage all of our members to conduct a security audit and implement necessary measures to protect your intellectual assets, staff, and member data. Find various discounted offers that can be used whether you’re just starting or continuing on your digital security journey.

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