First Learning Journey

The Learning Journeys, part of Filantropía Puerto Rico Member Experience, seeks to expand connections between members and bring the perspectives of the communities they serve. Based on systems theory framework we come together to look for solutions to their needs which may have a direct impact on future grant making practices.

On our first Learning Journey we visited Villa Cañona in Loiza. They welcomed us with open arms, sharing their passion and culture through music, stories and food.

Some of our members: from Andrew Mellon Foundation, Fundación Colibrí, Fundación Segarra Boerman, Fundación Flamboyán, Fundación Titín, Fundación Intellectus and Filantropía Puerto Rico, heard about powerful community stories from the Comité Pro Desarrollo de Villa Cañona program participants. We all  learned how these programs  care for the needs of its residents overcoming systemic obstacles through mutual aid. 

Our visit inaugurated The Villa Cañona Mutual Aid Center (known in Spanish as Centro de Apoyo Mutuo  “CAM”), run by the Comité in Loíza, and part  of the Puerto Rico Mutual Aid Centers Network. Their work includes offering after school support to students, providing first job opportunities for young people and caregiving to older residents in need, technological support through the Community Technology Center (CTC), among other programs that are still in development.  

We all came out inspired by the magic of community activism and the spirit of truly caring for our neighbors, despite all struggles, prejudices and obstacles.

On our next Learning Journey on June 23d, we will visit the Centro de Apoyo Mutuo de Caguas Pueblo where we will further explore the success and aspirations of the Mutual Aid Centers Network!

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