A philanthropy-serving organization (PSO) connecting philanthropic entities and amplifying their voice and impact in areas of equity, collaboration, transparency and social justice. As a convener of funders with grantmaking focus on Puerto Rico, we lead efforts to improve the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized.

We were established in 2009 and initially called ‘Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico’.

WE serve

Funders in Puerto Rico and outside of the island who have a grantmaking allocation assigned to Puerto Rican nonprofits.

What our plans are

Our 2020 strategic plan will give you a sense for what drives Filantropía Puerto Rico and the goals we’re seeking to achieve.

Additionally, we are home to FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund, a pool of grants and individual donations supporting key nonprofit organizations and innovative projects.


We practice what we demand from government, private entities and our nonprofit partners.

Marketing assets

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Those that
make it happen

Get to know our full-time and ad-hoc team, plus the board of directors that guides our actions and sense of purpose.

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