Filantropía Puerto Rico is a philanthropy-serving organization (PSO) connecting philanthropic entities and amplifying their voice and impact in areas of equity, collaboration, transparency and social justice. As a convener of funders with grantmaking focus on Puerto Rico, we lead efforts to improve the lives of the marginalized.

Our members


Increase engagement to achieve greater impact by supporting collaborative efforts, consensus building and information sharing between and among the philanthropic sector and community-based organizations.


Actively engage with public policy that safeguards Puerto Rico’s most disadvantaged people and the community-based organizations that support them. Inform public opinion by expanding communication activities, and promoting government transparency.


Expand collaborative efforts and partnerships among our members and with other institutions to stimulate and heighten awareness about the challenges facing the island, in order to find solutions for them



Diversified Events

Our virtual and (hopefully soon) non-virtual events create opportunities for deep learning and to connect with other grantmakers and grantees through events that range from webinars to networking cocktails.

Action Dialogues

Grantmaker working groups that explore topics of interest (i.e. housing, environment, education, arts + culture) and coordinate actions that result in higher impact.

Funders Collaborative

Overwhelming philanthropic response to various disasters resulted in a pooled fund that keeps Filantropía Puerto Rico and its members connected to movements and groups.

Grantmaking Resources​

To amplify on-the-ground impact we develop investment guides, studies and pledges (among others), and provide access to information needed to make our members’ work more impactful.

Annual convening to educate and connect philanthropic entities working for a better Puerto Rico. 

If you are a grantmaker seeking to improve the lives of the marginalized, become a member to connect with other philanthropic entities and amplify your impact.


Members Perspective

Sin confianza no hay equidad

Members’ Perspective Sin confianza no hay equidad Vamos a ser honestos con nosotros mismos. El desbalance que existe en las relaciones entre las fundaciones y

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