Puerto Rico Solar + Renewable Energy Landscape

With the support of the Kresge Foundation we set out to create a landscape of key players in the solar and renewable energy ecosystem in Puerto Rico.

This landscape analysis is a step towards understanding the landscape of solar renewable energy in Puerto Rico, in hopes that its findings can spur conversations about the ecosystem, its current direction, investments, recommendations for capacity development, gaps and the best role for philanthropy to play moving forward.

The landscape;

  • Identifies the amount and type of funding that philanthropic organizations (local and non local) are providing to nonprofit organizations working on renewable energy solutions for Puerto Rico, particularly solar energy.
  • Identifies the organizations (local and non local) supporting renewable energy solutions in Puerto Rico.  Describe the organizations work, include collectives, climate justice organizations, research, policy work.
  • Identifies private organizations offering solutions (research, financing, selling products).

Nonprofit Landscape

Key Findings

  • 71 non-profit organizations, coalitions or community-based organizations were identified.
  • 45% of the organizations identified started work in Puerto Rico or were organized in 2017 or after.
  • 38% of these are non-local entities.
  • Almost 70% of the organizations identified can be associated with climate justice work.
  • Almost half of the organizations are based in Metro area.

There is ample local capacity for education in this area. There is also great advocacy potential.

The research conducted revealed that collaboration among organizations is occurring at various levels.

Good expertise has been developed in distributed PV projects and storage.

There is limited offering from organizations for renewable energy workforce development.

For Profit Landscape

Key Findings 

  • 131 for-profit entities that directly offer goods or services in the solar energy industry in Puerto Rico were identified.
  • 33 of these have their main offices in San Juan.
  • 116 (86%) active companies offer installing services for PV systems.
  • 62% of these were created on or after 2017.
  • 18 companies specialized in the selling or distribution of materials and equipment.
  • 5 of these are headquartered outside of Puerto Rico.

There are 26 institutions that offer financing for PV projects.

Interview with installers tend to indicate that most of the rooftop solar PV installation financing support is coming from financial cooperatives.

Explore the Puerto Rico Solar Landscape

Filantropía Puerto Rico, as a convener of funders with grant making focus on Puerto Rico, we lead efforts for an equitable Puerto Rico.  This landscape was done with support of Ingrid Vila from Cambio PR, and Janice Petrovich, a philanthropy consultant.

If your entity is not shown and you are part of the landscape or if you are already included but want to update/change or delete your information do not hesitate to reach out via email to [email protected]. Please use the subject line: “[FiPR Solar Landscape] Add/Change/Update. We strive to have the most complete information, appreciate your help.

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