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The Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (“RJS”) initiative supports an infrastructure that expands and strengthens community-based organizations that mobilize systemic change and equity in Puerto Rico on issues related to: housing, recovery, land use, environment, governance, transparency and civic engagement.

Robusteciendo la Justicia Social supports an infrastructure that expands and strengthens social justice and just recovery in Puerto Rico.

The community of practice of RJS facilitates peer learning and capacity building, where participants can leverage each other’s strength to problematize issues that advance their individual and collective strategies.

From this initiative, we promote Compromisos para una Recuperación Justa, a facilitated space for non-profit organizations, local and federal government agencies to come together and engage on issues of housing and recovery for Puerto Rico.

Organizational Mapping Tool (OMT)

Participants completed a self-assessment process (OMT) supported by trained facilitators to identify areas of opportunity in their organizations and to strategize with a clearer vision for the next 3 years of this initiative.

Multi-Annual Support
(3 Year Grant)

The results of the OMT and the quarterly cohort meetings will strengthen the sustainability of the organizations and the social justice collective in Puerto Rico.

Community of Practice

The community of practice allows participants to see each other as a collective that can address common problems in our island. Quarterly cohort meetings are facilitated to engage in active listening, learn from each other, co-create tools, and have strategic conversations.

Meet the participants in the community of practice

Sembrando Sentido

Transparency, accountability and citizen participation in Puerto Rico.

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La Liga

Unites local governments in a nonpartisan effort to improve the quality of life of Puerto Ricans.

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Dedicated exclusively to addressing the problem of blighted and abandoned properties, with a comprehensive intersectoral approach.

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Promotes the development of community leadership and community-based organizations in Puerto Rico.

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Aimed at shifting the balance of power to local communities in order to ensure that disaster recovery and rebuilding in Puerto Rico is effective, fair, and resilient.

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Ayuda Legal

Committed to legal empowerment and social impact advocacy through education, legal support and representation.

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Fideicomiso de la Tierra

Addresses the historical problem of lack of legal access to land and provides credit and permits needed to improve housing.

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El Enjambre

Focuses on advising, facilitating processes and accompanying organizations and individuals seeking to implement projects, strengthen their work and obtain short-term achievements.

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Community of Practice Impact

Since 2021, seven participating organizations have been meeting quarterly to address the most important and pressing issues of just recovery in Puerto Rico. In addition, the input received during the cohort meetings has encouraged the organizations to share challenges they experience as leaders in the social sector, build their capacity as organizations, and strategize together to address common problems.

Our Drive

Sustain an infrastructure that expands and strengthens participating organizations in the community of practice to mobilize systemic change and equity in Puerto Rico.

Strengthen the collective of community-based organizations working on social justice and just recovery in Puerto Rico.

Connect organizations with similar capacity working on related issues.

Provide and co-create tools to support the growth and expansion of the participating organizations.

Facilitate quarterly cohort meetings among participating organizations to problematize issues on our island that advance their individual and collective strategies.

Promote dialogue between organizations to explore new possibilities, generate knowledge and create new opportunities for mutual benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community of practice?

It consists of an organized group that meets periodically to learn and share common areas of knowledge and interests. Unlike a cohort or peer learning group, community of practice participants co-create their space, co-create their agenda, co-create what they want to discuss, and co-create tools that help them identify possible solutions.

What issues does the Robusteciendo la Justicia Social community of practice focus on?

Participating organizations are focused on issues related to: housing, recovery, land use, environment, governance, transparency and civic engagement.

How can I contribute to the Robusteciendo la Justicia Social community of practice?

Filantropía Puerto Rico would be happy to introduce you to the many ways in which you can contribute to advancing and mobilizing equity in Puerto Rico. Contact our Strategic Initiatives Officer: Karla Vargas at [email protected] or reach her directly at 787-536-3023.

How do you guarantee the impact of this initiative on the organizations?
  • As we move forward as a community of practice, we have learned to listen and accept different levels of participation, input, feedback, discussions, and possible solutions. We are constantly reviewing three growth pillars as a community of practice: (a) collective growth and interconnectedness as a community of practice; (b) individual organization expansion and growth; and (c) growth as a social sector and united front. We are committed to evaluating our internal processes to ensure that the infrastructure we support is relevant to organizations and Puerto Rico. 
  • Prior to each of the cohort meetings, we co-create an agenda with the facilitators to align the voice of the organizations and the mission of the community of practice. After each cohort meeting, we gather feedback from each organization and make sure to ask about expectations for the next meeting. In addition to an annual report provided to us by the organizations, as a fundamental part of our grantmaking process, we conduct Charging Stations (Check In One o’ one) with each of the participating organizations in the cohort. This is an opportunity to connect more closely and listen deeply to understand their challenges, and find ways to support their efforts.
How can my organization become part of the Robusteciendo la Justicia Social community of practice?

Currently this initiative does not have open calls for new members.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Filantropía Puerto Rico is not a foundation, so we do not have open calls at this time. If you have an initiative, idea or are looking for support from the philanthropic ecosystem, you can fill out this form and we will share it with our network: We cannot ensure that you will be contacted, but we can do our part and share your information.

What are the philanthropic practices used in this initiative?

Filantropía Puerto Rico is constantly improving in transformative philanthropic practices based on trust-based practices. Within our membership and with our grantees, we open spaces for debate and dialogue to engage in collective action to address the most important needs. With Robusteciendo la Justicia Social, we provide multi-annual support, self-diagnostic tools,

Do participating organizations are required to have 501(c)(3)?

No, we may grant funds to non-501(c)(3) community organizations through a fiscal sponsor. A fiscal sponsor provides fiscal and legal infrastructure and shared management systems to initiatives that advance its mission and vision for social change. You can learn more about fiscal sponsorship from one of our grantees: (link VIDEO HASER  + WEB)

Who administers this initiative?

It is powered and administered by Filantropia Puerto Rico (FiPR) which is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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