What are they?

Working groups formed by members of Filantropía Puerto Rico (FiPR) to explore topics of interest and to coordinate strategies and actions that result in higher impact for the philanthropic ecosystem. ​

In these private spaces, FiPR connects grantmakers working in Puerto Rico for them to learn and strengthen relationships that amplify the impact of their programs, projects and aspirations.

Who participates?

This is a member exclusive service of Filantropía Puerto Rico, but we occasionally invite outside professionals and organizations to build relationships and learn from their work in the field.

What do members gain?

  • Engagement opportunities and support from peers with shared values
  • Trust-based relationships
  • Learning from local field experts
  • Knowledge & resource sharing (i.e. other’s funding priorities or experiences)
  • Strategic alignment of donations for accelerated action and greater impact
  • Joint-action opportunities
  • A coordinated structure that deepens conversation.

What our member are saying

What is Filantropía Puerto Rico's role ?

Every year our members decide on topics they wish to explore and FiPR brings them into a space of trust every 4-6 weeks. As a facilitator we invite relevant actors from the sector for inspiration; organize pledges, webinars or studies; and foster the creation of alliances or the launch of initiatives derived from our dialogues.

2021 Topics

Arts + Culture


Public Policy

2021 Cross-Sectional Themes

Alternative grantmaking
Advocacy for Public Policy
Gender & racial issues
Community infrastructure

Data & research
Just recovery actions
School community outreach
Third sector landscape

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