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Who are we?

Our work is at the nexus of a network of funders and changemakers. We serve as a liaison between our network members and community-based efforts led by non-profits in Puerto Rico. We cross boundaries, link sectors, embrace risk, and leverage every tool at our disposal to create opportunities for social change on the island. As a community of local and U.S. based foundations, we think through and take action to build impactful social investment.

Our areas of work:


We connect new and established grantmakers, their trustees, and staff to each other, to their communities, and to emerging and relevant issues in Puerto Rico. We serve a diverse and vibrant membership comprised of highly engaged philanthropic organizations.

Annual Convening

A yearly gathering of leaders, strategists, disruptors, and innovators in the philanthropic sector come together to explore our practice as philanthropists and grantmakers. Through a series of panels, open conversations, and on-site exploration of community-based efforts, we celebrate our strengths and discuss ways to increase the positive impact of philanthropic social investment in Puerto Rico.

Research & Development

As part of ongoing efforts, we fund and develop research about the on-the-ground needs of communities in Puerto Rico. When you become a member, you receive early access to research studies that support collaborative efforts and partnerships through content that promotes social justice and equity.

Action Dialogues

We hold regular conversations with our members to strategize and lead the direction of the philanthropic ecosystem on the island.  As a member, you benefit from participating in these meetings to learn and expand knowledge on topics of interest and to coordinate strategies and actions that result in higher impact for the philanthropic ecosystem.

Member only events

Including networking events, webinars, advanced briefings and studies.

FiPR Member Virtual Community

Through our member-only virtual platform we grow and strengthen our philanthropic efforts.  Our online space for members is a place to share knowledge, news, achievements, job postings, resources and create connections.


Our goal is the constant implementation of innovative philanthropic practices that advance equity and social justice. We have on-going  special projects that provide organizational and operational support for non-profits to have a voice in the creation of new philanthropic practices on the island. Through these projects, we create diverse  networks of collaboration to help grow the impact of our members.

Learning to Listen

Robusteciendo la Justicia Social


Puerto Rico and U.S. based foundations partner up with FiPR for grantmaking, collaboration, capacity building, and strategic thinking in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. Foundations can trust us with their grantmaking programs to ease the administrative burden, expand programmatic capacity, and collaborate effectively with local community and non-profit efforts.

Forward Fund

A pooled fund supporting key nonprofit organizations and innovative projects that advocate for equitably addressing the layered crises facing Puerto Rico, while increasing the resilience of the most impacted populations on the island.

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