Impact of the FORWARD Puerto Rico FUND


HASER focuses on strengthening the ecosystem of community-based initiatives and nonprofit organizations by promoting fiscal sponsorship as a tool for collective impact. Fiscal sponsorship is a legal mechanism that allows a non-tax-exempt 501c(3) group or entity to receive funds to carry out charitable, educational and social benefit activities. 

The FORWARD Fund helped them receive valuable feedback on the different practices and projects they proposed. As Colibri Sanfiorenzo-Barnhard, Executive Director, mentions, the FORWARD Fund helped them not only financially, but the feedback and collaboration has allowed us to establish a strategic plan, strengthen our alliances and achieve what we want to achieve. Through their project, Fiscal Sponsorship as a Tool for Collective Impact, they have been motivated to innovate in the nonprofit ecosystem to promote the fiscal, administrative and programmatic health of funded organizations through fiscal sponsorship.

Learn more about their focus areas: food sovereignty, environmental conservation, social justice, and arts and culture.

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