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Puerto Rico Solar + Renewable Landscape

During the presentation of the Puerto Rico Solar+Renewable Energy Landscape with the accompaniment of Kresge Foundation, we shared some of the findings of this research and analysis across the climate realities and possibilities in Puerto Rico. This landscape is a step towards understanding the panorama of solar renewable energy in the archipelago. Also, it expands our data collection and leverages the access to information across the social ecosystem.

This landscape will bring resources through: 

  • Identifying the amount and type of funding that philanthropic organizations (local and non local) are providing to nonprofit organizations working on renewable energy solutions for Puerto Rico, particularly solar energy.
  • Identifying the organizations (local and non local) supporting renewable energy solutions in Puerto Rico.  Describe the organizations work, include collectives, climate justice organizations, research, policy work.
  • Identifying private organizations offering solutions (research, financing, selling products).

We hope that this new tool can spur conversations about the ecosystem, its current direction, investments and recommendations for capacity development, gaps and the best role for philanthropy to play moving forward.

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