Glenisse Pagán

Executive Director

Glenisse was born, raised and lives in Puerto Rico where she leads a multi-passionate life learning, teaching, challenging others and being challenged. She also loves technology, nature, adventure, but above all, she lives to inspire people to take action and to help them find their purpose.
Upon graduating from Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez campus (UPRM), Glenisse began working with Kodak and later with Motorola, who granted her a scholarship for a Master’s degree at Georgia Tech. For the next 17 years, Ms. Pagán worked at Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems in a career that started as Systems Engineer and ended as a Business Developer Manager in charge of teams throughout all of Latin America. During this tenure Glenisse proved her impeccable integrity, leadership, analytical prowess and ability to work in a matrix organizational structure.
In 2011 Glenisse refocused her energy by offering personal and business consulting for clients in the construction, legal, retail and philanthropy sectors.  She is the co-founder of Harimau Conservation, a nonprofit focused on empowering communities through conservation and education programs in Indonesia and Puerto Rico. Harimau won the Innovation prize at Fundación Banco Popular’s hackathon for developing a tool that calculates the contribution made by natural resources to an economy. Of note is Harimau’s significant contribution to Puerto Rican communities devastated by Hurricane María in 2017 through the installation of 41 water purification towers.
Glenisse has been a consultant to NetHope, a humanitarian organization working with the community-based initiative of Information as Aid. In 2018, she began working as Chief Operating Officer for Filantropía Puerto Rico (then called Foundation Network of Puerto Rico) and in 2019 she was named its Executive Director.

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