Karla Vargas

Grants Officer

Karla, born and raised in Puerto Rico, has a solid background in the social sector, disadvantaged communities, public policy, and social project development. A bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a second concentration in interdisciplinary approaches to addictions from the University of Puerto Rico allowed her to learn firsthand how deficiencies in social reforms and development projects significantly deteriorate communities’ potential. She completed a master’s degree in Political and Corporate Communications in Spain, in addition to a Political Management concentration at the Graduate School of Political Management in Washington D.C., leading to an understanding that the most efficient way to impact and transform socioeconomic development is to identify the main channels and systems of communication between government, institutions and society, and the profound interrelationship between these three sectors.

As Karla’s  vision of the three sectors grew, she recognized the opportunity to establish sustainable projects and public policies relevant to the needs of diverse populations and sectors; and the urgency to optimize, innovate and adjust  existing tools to current realities. Her professional career has been developed in Puerto Rico, Washington and Spain in these sectors: social work; community organization; social impact; federal proposals and projects; social research; political campaigns and management; social, corporate and political communications;, public policy; technology; and social innovation.

To impact disadvantaged sectors, Karla founded KV Consultora Social, a think tank and consulting firm specialized in developing strategic projects focused on social impact, based on a framework of research, sustainability, social investment, and public policy. She is driven by what Eduardo Galeano rightly says, “[…] And, in the end, acting on reality and changing it, even a little, is the only way to prove that reality is transformable”.

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