Impact of the FORWARD Puerto Rico FUND

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico provides free legal support and education to low income families and communities. With the help of the FORWARD Fund, they have been able to provide valuable access to information about the legal aspects of the recovery funds received by many Puerto Ricans after the hurricanes.  With more than 2 million yearly visits, Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico is a vital resource for finding information about recovery funds, legal advice and resources. The FORWARD Fund has also allowed them to branch out and expand their capacities for writing and publishing information about public policy for people all around the island through the Derecho a la Vivienda y a la Recuperación Justa project. As an expert on recovery and decent housing issues on the island, their work included campaigns on decent housing and capacity building around recovery funds, while promoting spaces for building power among organizations. 

Learn how they have impacted more than 500,000 people with regard to advocacy and legal support on housing issues through their website.

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