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On the Ground Initiatives

Fundación Ángel Ramos

Fundación Ángel Ramos celebrated a conference focused on the history of communications in Puerto Rico, in hopes of exalting key figures whose legacy today are examples of creativity, vision and inspiration. The event was made in collaboration with Radio Isla 1320, the Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico (ASPPRO) and the organizers of the exhibition This is my radio… one hundred years of history in Puerto Rico.

The conference is available through FAR’s YouTube channel.

Fundación Mujeres en Puerto Rico

The Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico (FMnPR) announced six grants, totaling $60,000, to six non-profit organizations with a political focus on resources for women and gender fluid people, the eradication of gender violence, empowerment and visibility through restorative justice, and education with gender studies in community settings.

Check out all that this organization is doing to sustain gender-perspective projects that work to improve the circumstances of women, feminized women and the LGBTTIQA+ community in the archipélago. 

Liberty Foundation

The new entrepreneurial training program, “Conectando tu Negocio al Éxito” (“Connecting your Business to Success”) by Fundación Liberty, in collaboration with Grupo Guayacán, inaugurates a class of 100 start-ups from all over Puerto Rico. Along with the educational workshops, entrepreneurs will receive a cash grant of $500 for each participating business. This initiative seeks to promote entrepreneurial growth and innovation to boost Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic development.

Read more about how entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico are innovating and taking risks to take their businesses to the next level through this program.

Darryl Chappell Foundation

The Darryl Chappell Foundation and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAC), announced that Puerto Rican artist Gadiel Rivera will begin an artistic residency at the Centro de Innovación Educativa del MAC. In addition to offering mentorship and support, this effort will provide reinforcement to visual artists of African descent, helping them to reach their greatest potential and impact their communities through the arts.

Learn more about how this program will develop workshops for students from vulnerable communities.

Ponce Health Sciences University

With the goal of increasing the competitiveness of Hispanic Americans conducting biomedical research and fostering the growth of research in Puerto Rico, Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) announced that it will fund the G-RISE program with $3.2 million over five years. G-RISE works in partnership with PHSU’s Moffitt Cancer Center Association and the RCMI program, and so far 59 participants have benefited and 33 have already earned their doctoral degrees under the first RISE Program that PHSU ran for 14 years.

Learn more about how this program is helping young Puerto Rican scientists!

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and Dominion Energy will be providing the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez Campus (RUM, in Spanish) with a total of $500,000 through a Summer Bridge Program. This initiative is intended to provide high school and pre-college students with tools to succeed in their transition to college life and to learn more about sustainability and resiliency, two incredibly relevant topics in Puerto Rico.

Read more about how this initiative is transforming higher education in sustainable engineering.

Calls for Submissions

Kolibri Foundation

If you are an organization working to address the structural and systemic impacts of patriarchal, state-based, and interpersonal violence, Kolibri foundation will have over 3 million dollars of general operating support grants!

Click here to learn more about the grants, including the eligibility criteria.

Titín Foundation

Titín Foundation has announced a campaign in which they will match up to $5,000 in individual donations to nonprofit organizations that complete a profile. Spread the word!

Learn more about this amazing opportunity here.

Fundación Plaza Las Américas

The Programa Mano Amiga, of the Plaza Las Américas Foundation and the Plaza Del Caribe Foundation, invites nonprofit entities from Puerto Rico’s metro and southern areas to request donations for direct service programs to individuals.

Find more information about this second window of the year here!

Tides Foundation

The Frontline Resource Institute is releasing two grant opportunities through the Collective Action Fund at the Tides Foundation, intended for environmental and climate justice organizations. Both grant opportunities total approximately 1 million dollars.

See the full criteria here!

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