Forward Fund Grantees Assets


Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico provides free legal support and education to low income families and communities. is a vital resource for finding information about recovery funds, legal advice and resources.


Less is More

Cambio PR has helped solidify Puerto Rico as an island that wants and needs an energy transformation that is sustainable, ecologically responsible and inclusive for everyone through research and educational campaigns such as Less is More campaign.


Los Chavos de María

Centro Periodismo Investigativo developed the project “Promoting Access to Information and Transparency,” better known as “Los Chavos de María,” whose purpose was to oversee the recovery process in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.


La Sistemización y Creación Participativa Para la Resiliencia

FURIA has emerged as a reliable and respected source for the Puerto Rico legislature throughout The Sistemización y Creación Participativa Para la Resiliencia project, a space where information can be shared between communities and leaders from around the island.


Fiscal Sponsorship as a Tool for Collective Impact

HASER have been motivated to innovate in the nonprofit ecosystem to promote the fiscal, administrative and programmatic health of funded organizations through fiscal sponsorship as part of their project, Fiscal Sponsorship as a Tool for Collective Impact.


The Puerto Rico Civic Address Vulnerability Assessment (PRCAVE)

The Puerto Rico Civic Address Vulnerability Assessment (PRCAVE) Toolkit, developed by ICasa, proposes to create a radiography of the population that has remained invisible on maps for decades, that are not part of “official” government data and remain excluded from federal programs due to problems of geolocation.


Colgando de un Hilo

The Instituto del Desarrollo de la Juventud (IDJ), developed Colgando de un Hilo, a study detailing Puerto Rico’s social protection system and the economic mobility of families.



El Nido Cultural

Inversión Cultural continues to generate data on the needs of Puerto Rican artists and trends on the island throughout El Nido Cultural, a Management Services Program and the 2nd Cultural Consumption Survey project.


Evidencia la Violencia

Kilometro Cero were able to create the “Evidencia la Violencia” platform, a system for documenting civil rights violations in Puerto Rico, with the goal of promoting public advocacy within institutions throughout the island.


Ciudadano Protector

Para la Naturaleza is developing the Ciudadano Protector mobile application to enable citizens to learn about important features and land planning criteria for a given location by the user.


Contracts in Law

Sembrando Sentido has been working for a more transparent, responsible, inclusive and efficient central government that works for all Puerto Ricans under the umbrella of Contracts in Law project.


Tumba el Acoso

Taller Salud has been developing their Hipatia project, which allowed them to introduce the discourse they have been promoting for years into tangible recommendations such as public policy and the “Tumba el Acoso” campaign.

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