[Members Brunch] Sharing our members' experience

The August edition of our monthly Members Brunch was a special one, as it marked the first time the event was hosted by one of our members! This space is a crucial part of our [Membership Experience], as it is a place where everyone can connect, share their projects and co-create the future of the social sector.

For this edition, Lydia Figueroa, Executive Director of Fundación Triple S, was our wonderful host. Figueroa described the brunches as a “space of reflection on all the diverse topics that the social sector deals with on a daily basis in Puerto Rico.”

When asked about how this event contributes to the growth of their foundation as a whole, Figueroa responded that the brunches “provide an opportunity to encourage collaboration on topics of social isolation, loneliness and the impact of mental health.” She also added that “receiving input from colleagues on the ways in which concrete actions can be taken to address this problem, identifying common ground between the different causes that each Foundation addresses, and promoting multisectoral collaboration are only some of the contributions that the Members Brunch provides.”

Figueroa also pointed out that “this meeting helped us identify points of convergence and the areas in which we must come together to advance social causes through strategic and collaborative efforts between the representatives of the sector and those who have the power to convene.”

Member Brunches will continue to be hosted by different members during the upcoming months in an effort by FiPR to keep connecting, aligning and maximizing the efforts of our Membership. Most importantly, through these events, you will hear first-hand the voice and experience of our members. Do you know where we are going next? Stay tuned!

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