Impact of the FORWARD Puerto Rico FUND

Sembrando Sentido

Sembrando Sentido is a nonprofit organization that works for a more transparent, responsible, inclusive and efficient central government that works for all Puerto Ricans.

The FORWARD Fund was able to kickstart Sembrando Sentido’s mission and all of its very ambitious goals. With the fund, they developed two projects under the umbrella of the Contracts in Law program, one for more transparency in public contracting and another for analyzing public policy around government contracts. Both projects enabled them to activate, through observation, awareness-raising and mobilization, civil society to lead the creation of a robust, open, comprehensive and efficient public procurement system.  Aside from the Contracts in Law initiative, thanks to their constant advocacy on the issue, the Department of Justice developed a registry of convicted corruption offenders in Puerto Rico, something that by law should have already existed, but was not enforced until now.

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