Robusteciendo la Justicia Social

The RJS project has started!

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The Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (Strengthening Social Justice) project is officially underway! A first year investment of over $860,000  has been formalized for the three year (2022-2024) initiative, giving way for the first disbursement of the seven participating organizations. It all began with a process of organizational self-diagnosis (Organizational Mapping Tool – OMT) that led the cohort members to identify areas of opportunity in their organization. Afterwards, the cohort members were able to materialize this diagnostic process in a concrete proposal that reflects the goals, objectives, expected results and success measures in the long term, but most importantly, year by year. 

The funding recipients make up a powerful group of leaders and organizers. We encourage you to learn more about all 7 recipients. Sembrando Sentido, Liga de Ciudades and Centro para la Reconstrucción del Hábitat (CRH) will generate greater efforts to establish alliances with the public sector, while FURIA, UPR Resiliency Law Center, Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico and Fideicomiso del Caño Martín Peña, direct their efforts to continue establishing community alliances. This diversification of efforts, focused on social justice issues related to housing, land use, the environment and civic engagement, are what will continue to nurture Puerto Rico’s sustainable capacity.

The actions identified each year by these organizations are the reflection of an exhaustive introspection process that allowed them to clearly identify how they can address the needs and problems they face on a day to day basis. The key question: how can our organization become more resilient and sustainable? I’m sure they will be formulating an answer during these three years.

Filantropía Puerto Rico has the main purpose of supporting the cohort members through facilitated sessions, as well as conducting one on one sessions that provide a space for mutual learning and feedback towards the sustainability of the organizations during the years. We are really excited to see how we continue to progress as a cohort! This is just the beginning.

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