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5 studies on the impact of public education policies on students, families & communities

The Centro de Estudios Multidisciplinarios sobre Gobierno y Asuntos Públicos (CEMGAP) created the Observatory of Public Education giving way to five investigations aimed at providing objective evidence about the impact of recent public education policies on students, families and communities, including the closing of existing schools and the transformation of others under the charter model. 

CEMGAP participated in various radio shows, met with the Puerto Rico Secretary of Education to discuss the findings of these investigations, and is currently undertaking five new investigations building on the findings of the first five and to be published next summer. 

Watch the webinars hosted by Filantropía Puerto Rico:

  1. Problems and Fixes to Puerto Rico’s Education System
  2. Reforming Education and the Role of Charter Schools
  3. School Closing’s Effect on Academic Achievement 
  4. School Dropout’s Socioeconomic and Demographic Profile
  5. Determinants of Academic Achievement 
  6. Educational and Socioeconomic Segregation
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