Robusteciendo la Justicia Social

Aligning Needs

Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (RJS), made possible by Ford Foundation, looks to test and explore the evolution of philanthropic practices, including flexible funding, multi-annual grant support, peer learning, high quality feedback and self-diagnostic tools.

During the week of August 10th, Ford Foundation’s new leadership for Civic and Engagement and Governments, Manuela Arciniegas and Javier Valdés, came to Puerto Rico to learn more about Puerto Rican nonprofits, communities and foundations. Some of the important points discussed were the financial opportunities for organizations in Puerto Rico, the limitation of funds to advance public policy and social justice work, the opportunities that exist to support legislation, the interrelationship between the government and the organizations, and most importantly, the work that nonprofit organizations are doing to address those current needs.

Filantropía Puerto Rico is committed to providing opportunities that develop capacities, build and exchange knowledge. Our intention with the RJS community of practice is to amplify and echo organizations doing community work on the island. We have a long way to continue growing as a community and evolving in the process.

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