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Thank you again for being a member of Filantropía Puerto Rico as your participation strengthens and helps us grow our philanthropic ecosystem.

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Being the convener of the philanthropic ecosystem we lead/support, align and mobilize strategically social investment through our membership model where we hold spaces for our members to interact and build relationships at different levels.

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Philanthropic Investment Tool

We have created this tool to better understand the funding landscape and to help funders understand how philanthropic resources are being awarded in Puerto Rico and what gaps may exist that can inform evolving strategies.

El Convener

El Convener is your go-to source for monthly news about grantmakers working in Puerto Rico. Send us your monthly highlights to keep the philanthropic ecosystem informed and connected.

Culture, Participation and Privacy Policy

We create a space for leaders and thinkers of the philanthropic ecosystem to convene, collaborate and tackle the pressing issues affecting Puerto Rico. To ensure members and attendees feel welcomed, comfortable, and are able to fully engage in the opportunities our space provides, we enforce a strict policy prohibiting promotional efforts or the solicitation of business, grants or donations.

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