Fiona Funds

Organizations, foundations and community based groups have moved with agility and efficiency to respond to Hurricane Fiona’s devastation in Puerto Rico. We know the social sector addresses the critical challenges of our time, as was recently shown by the 2022 Estudio de las Organizaciones Sin Fines de Lucro en Puerto Rico.

If you are looking to support these efforts, the following list includes funds built to consolidate money that will go to communities and individual organizations with proven records of effective management. Filantropía Puerto Rico knows that rebuilding a better and stronger Puerto Rico is possible, and your support can help us make it happen.

Fiona Supporting Efforts

As we continue to mobilize the social sector’s agenda, we recognize that there is a large network of organizations coming up with diverse and effective ways to respond to the crisis. We will use our channels to expand their outreach and highlight the ways in which they contribute to the island’s recovery, including the use of databases, data gathering, supplies, volunteering, and search for available funds.

FORWARD Fund: Fiona Relief

Once more, the FORWARD Fund of Filantropía Puerto Rico is present in the disaster and recovery response after Hurricane Fiona.

Supporting Organizations

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