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Fiona Relief

Five years after Hurricane María, Hurricane Fiona has caused catastrophic rainfalls, major mudslides that have left whole communities inaccessible, rivers have overflowed causing tragedies and debris has blocked some of the main streets and highways across Puerto Rico. The hurricane also caused the fragile power grid to shut down, provoking an islandwide blackout that also left the majority of the population without access to clean water. 

Once more, the FORWARD PUERTO RICO Fund (FORWARD Fund) led by Filantropía Puerto Rico is present in the disaster and recovery response after Hurricane Fiona. We recognize that today’s mobilization comes from long before 2017, and we remain committed to moving FORWARD towards a better and stronger Puerto Rico. The FORWARD Fund has spent the last five years supporting key nonprofit organizations and innovative projects  that advocate addressing the layered crises facing Puerto Rico in an equitable manner, while increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations on the island.


Make a grant:
If your institution plans to make a grant or needs more information, please reach out to Forward Fund Finance & Operations Director Anja Paonessa at [email protected] (786) 973-4548. Filantropía Puerto Rico is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 66-0770270.

Wire Transfer

Name of Bank:
Banco Popular

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PO Box 362708
San Juan, PR 00936-2708

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Filantropía Puerto Rico, Inc.

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Please make all checks payable to:
Filantropía Puerto Rico 76 Kings Court, apt 701 San Juan, PR 00911

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Pay a Business @FilantropiaPR



As part of our unwavering commitment to transparency, we are proud to have a Gold Seal of approval from Guidestar.
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Donations will focus on community immediate relief

Donations to the FORWARD Fund will focus on immediate relief, while supporting community organizations that contribute to moving Puerto Rico into a transparent, just and equitable process of recovery. As organizations deeply rooted in local communities, they pursue equal treatment, advocate for the most vulnerable, create innovative initiatives, mobilize volunteers and address basic needs. Their proximity and knowledge of their communities and people enable them to quickly and efficiently provide necessary services during the Fiona relief for an equitable response.

As immediate needs of the population are met, the funds raised will be used to ensure that these organizations help move Puerto Rico FORWARD.

Fiona Relief Landscape

We have a consolidated list in order to support alignment and coordination during this response. In order to better understand the funding landscape and to help understand were resources can be focused to.

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