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Five years after Hurricane María, Hurricane Fiona has caused catastrophic rainfalls, major mudslides that have left whole communities inaccessible, rivers have overflowed causing tragedies and debris has blocked some of the main streets and highways across Puerto Rico. The hurricane also caused the fragile power grid to shut down, provoking an islandwide blackout that also left the majority of the population without access to clean water. 

Filantropía Puerto Rico is committed to look FORWARD and provide long-term support to those most affected. The social sector has immediately mobilized to address the community’s efforts and once again, we want to support them

Donations Received


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    Foundations - $749,985.00
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    Corporations - $87,334.70
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    Individuals - $3,970.11
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    Bank Fees - $646.19

Donations Distribution


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    Donations distributed - $720,000.00

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Mathew Marine
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Gita Gulati
Juan Stolberg
Pablo Santiago
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Ann McQueen
Axel Santana
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Leila Zimbel
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Ford Foundation
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Fidelity Charitable
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Maranta Power LLC

Donations to the FORWARD Fund will support Mutual Aid  efforts throughout the island. A grant of $720,000 from the funds raised will support 10 Mutual Aid Centers (“Centros de Apoyo Mutuo – CAMs”) around the island that sustain themselves by providing essential services to their communities in different municipalities. These community organizations reach out to the most marginalized communities. 

Mutual Aid  is changing and building social relationships that lead to new projects and understandings while taking care of themselves and others.  In times of crisis, such as Hurricane Fiona, their proximity and knowledge of their communities and people allows them to quickly and effectively provide the services needed to move from crisis to solidarity.  As the immediate needs of the population are met, the funds raised will be used to ensure that these organizations help move Puerto Rico forward

Learn more about each CAM and the work they do on the island:

The FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund has spent the last five years supporting key nonprofit organizations and innovative projects  that advocate addressing the layered crises facing Puerto Rico in an equitable manner, while increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations on the island.

Fiona Relief Landscape

We have a consolidated list in order to support alignment and coordination during this response. In order to better understand the funding landscape and to help understand were resources can be focused to.

Fiona Supporting Efforts

As we continue to mobilize the social sector’s agenda, we use our channels to expand their outreach and highlight the ways in which they contribute to the island’s recovery, including the use of databases, data gathering, supplies, volunteering, and search for available funds.

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