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Impact Summary October 2023

October holds a special place in the heart of our organization, as it brings together our commitment to serving our philanthropic community by building relationships, capacities and strategies for their involvement in Puerto Rico.

Check out this special Impact Summary to recap our conversations! We are deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to do what we do and we eagerly look forward to the near future.

Towards equity and beyond, 

Glenisse Pagán

Executive Director

What’s going on at FiPR?

October was a big month for Filantropía Puerto Rico, as we continued holding spaces for our network and celebrated our biggest in-person event of the year with grant makers investing in Puerto Rico. 

During the beginning of the month we held our last Members Brunch of 2023 where we reflected about our achievements during this year and our goals for the next one. Take a look at the conversation! 

We kicked off our 2023 Annual Convening: Expand to Align Collective Action by expanding our comprehension of disasters and their socio-demographic impacts.  This year, we had the privilege of uniting 60 representatives from 21 grant making organizations committed to our archipelago. It was a distinct honor to hold this event in Puerto Rico, serving as a focal point for the philanthropic community to engage in discussions, strategic discussions, and alignment efforts, all aimed at ensuring their investments foster equity in Puerto Rico. 

We reaffirmed that grant makers have a responsibility to continue improving their philanthropic practices in order to contribute to a more just and equitable social sector. 

This event was highlighted by the press in the following articles: 

Our podcast Somos Filantropía continues to grow and this month we released two new episodes where we shared with two outstanding organizations. We explored the concept of “municipalismo” and its relevance for Puerto Rico with la Liga de Ciudades. Also, we talked with the Proyecto ENLACE about the work of the community based initiatives aimed at addressing climate change in the Caño Martín Peña. 

During this month, we were honored to participate in a comprehensive series of presentations, offering our valuable insights on a variety of Puerto Rican issues and the multifaceted solutions that we can address. 

These presentations were: 

Estudio sobre las prácticas de responsabilidad social empresarial en Puerto Rico hosted by la Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico where we shared about the social role of the entrepreneurs in the context of the archipelago. 

The round table at the CIO & IT Leadership Conference where the United States Census had their Data Innovation Summit: Construyendo puentes en Puerto Rico a través de datos y comunidad where we had the opportunity to be part of a conversation between other non profits in Puerto Rico. Also, we shared the relevance of the data for our work and the needs of information to better understand and improve our impact in our archipelago. 

2023 Change Philanthropy Unity SummitTransforming Philanthropy to Promote Rural Equity where our executive director, Glenisse Pagán shared our learning and experiences with the Learning Journeys. These trips with our members gave us the opportunity to see first hand the work of organizations working directly with their neighborhoods. It also supported our awareness when we gave grants to the Centros de Apoyo Mutuo throughout our FORWARD Fund after hurricane Fiona.  During this presentation, we also agreed about the value of centering equity in the rural areas and communities in order to raise our impact all over the society. 

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