Impact of the FORWARD Puerto Rico FUND


The Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) was established in 1984 as a nonprofit organization and is now home to one of the main art collections in all of Puerto Rico. Through the FORWARD Fund, MAC was able to generate efforts to support the devastation caused by the earthquakes in the southern area of Puerto Rico through its project, Art and psychosocial support for the south. This Community Emergency Program, which then spawned an Art and Psychological support system for communities in the southwest part of the island, facilitated the expression of the residents of diverse communities and  contributed to building creative capacities to develop physical and psychological well-being in the lives of people affected by the seismic activity.

The fund also allowed them to maintain normal operations in the face of an islandwide financial crisis by supporting the organization’s emergency reserve fund. During this time, they were also able to support local artists and provide them with resources so that they can continue to do their valuable work that adds so much to the collective cultural heritage of all Puerto Ricans.

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