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RJS: Charging Stations

The Charging Stations are an essential part of our grant process, be it in RJS, the Forward Fund, or any other project where we collaborate with grantees. The name “Charging Station” comes from the idea that this is a space to recharge energies and refocus our efforts in order to reach our common goal.

They are also our opportunity to connect with the grantee more closely, listen deeply to understand their challenges and struggles and find ways in which we can support their work. Charging Stations are also an integral part of our own development, as they help us find better and more effective ways to help and communicate with the organizations while also staying in touch with the pulse of the social sector.

As part of a collective, it is important to listen and learn how their missions are progressing, how they are dealing with the challenges they face, and how the cohort meetings and tools created have contributed to the organization’s development process. In the conversations, many of the organizations pointed out that the OMT tool helped them understand where they are situated and what opportunities are available to them as they continue to adjust their purpose. Also, the Asset Bank created by the cohort has provided them with a tool that helps them really get to know what each organization is doing and how they can leverage their own strengths.

Part of the journey is for the cohort participants to have a comprehensive process of expansion and recognition with themselves through the multi annual grant. Filantropía Puerto Rico will continue conducting one on one sessions that provide a space for mutual learning and feedback towards the sustainability of the organizations over the years. This is only the first year of a three year process, and we are excited to evolve as a community of practice. Stay tuned for the next cohort meeting on September 9!

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