Robusteciendo la Justicia Social

RJS Cohort Meeting: Common Roots

“Better together than alone”, this was the phrase that Filantropia Puerto Rico used to kick off the first meeting of the Robusteciendo la Justicia Social cohort last Friday March 11, 2022, at Fundación Flamboyán.

El Enjambre, who participated in the cohort as session facilitators, started activities by identifying the expectations of each member for the next 36 months, as well as encouraging dialogue between organizations. Some keywords that came up were: Connect, learn, align, exchange, support, collaborate and develop unified strategies. After this, every member shared the roots that support the purpose of each organization. Some of these roots were:

  • Legal empowerment
  • Rights transformation
  • Social impact advocacy
  • The right to live in peace
  • Transformation of governance systems and municipalism
  • Change of narratives
  • Community permanency
  • Resources of and for the people
  • Free access to information
  • Nourish Puerto Rico’s capital
  • Instigate spaces for collaboration and conversation

For two hours, Sembrando Sentido, Liga de Ciudades, FURIA, UPR Resiliency Law Center, Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico y Fideicomiso del Caño Martín Peña got to know the expectations of their peers and started strategizing on how they can amplify their impact through collaboration. We were extremely excited after our first session! We started to see how each organization shares its own personal context, their common roots, and building social justice that we all want to see in Puerto Rico.

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