June 2021

[Action Dialogues]

Arts & Culture

We summarized the connections and learnings that have emerged so far from this [Action Dialogue] to focus on what’s needed to build a collective agenda that aligns individual efforts to support economic and cultural projects. Additionally we began identifying recommendations from the Voices and Data Collection that resonate the most with our members in order to discover what actions to take.


Discussed next steps to delve into current environmental issues and the organizations that work on them, while agreeing to integrate economic development, education and gender interests into our environment-centered discussions.

Research and Development

We are excited to share with you the Colección de Voces y Datos (‘Voices & Data Collection’, available in English soon), another example of FiPR’s constant search for thought-provoking content that helps our members make informed decisions regarding issues affecting Puerto Rico

Last year we held sessions to listen to 36 grantmaking organizations, nonprofits, and activists/community leaders to analyze the state of the country from their unique perspectives in the areas of housing, environment, education, arts & culture, and governance.

This Colección de Voces y Datos is the result of those meetings, download today!


Forward Fund- Grantees in Action

Between April and May, HASER held the Encuentro sobre Auspicio Fiscal 2021 (‘2021 Fiscal Sponsorship Encounter’) to connect, build a community and share knowledge and experiences to activate fiscal sponsorship as a tool for collective action in Puerto Rico.
Kilómetro Cero presented the project ‘Evidencia la violencia: capturar, contar, cambiar’ (Evidence the violence: capture, tell, change), a citizen’s documentation system containing a public database in which violent, discriminatory, arbitrary or disproportionate police interventions can be registered.

Learning to Listen

Launched calls for proposals for our Learning to Listen project! These were the result of a process of participatory grantmaking with 36 activists, community leaders and representatives from grantmaking and nonprofits entities. The participants had the decisional power to choose how to award and who should receive $900k in grants available from the FORWARD Fund for environmental, educational, and transparency + governance projects. Deadline is July 9th. More information here, and please spread the word!


Annual Convening

Our Annual Convening is coming up and we’ll be ‘Exploring diversity through social change’! We are getting topics, speakers and events ready for October 20, 21 and 22. Stay tuned for more info.


  • On June 8th: Luis Gallardo and Grace Fontanez explored the current state of the 673 public schools closed between 2007 & 2019 and the role of schools at the core of a community and as a window to broader issues, while providing 8 key findings & 4 public sector recommendations. Watch it now!
  • Coming up on July 22nd: ‘Evidencia la violencia: capturar, contar, cambiar’ (Evidence the violence: capture, tell, change) arbitrary or disproportionate police interventions can be registered. 

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