September 2021

[Action Dialogues]

Arts & Culture

Hispanic Federation’s Charlotte Gossett spoke about building coalitions and the need to have a clear shared approach before supporting arts and culture policy advocacy.

Environment + Education + Gender

Identified actions related to these topics, while creating a collective agenda addressing energy transformation through technical training, public policy, and community education.

Environment + Public Policy

Talked to Environmental Defense Fund’s Agustín Carbó Lugo about public policy for clean and sustainable energy to support community resilience in Puerto Rico. We concluded on the need to convene a community learning network, support organizations and foundations to share experiences and the challenges of transforming energy for our islands.

FiPR news

New team member

We welcome Karla Vargas as Grants Coordinator for our FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund and Robusteciendo la Justicia Social projects.


Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (Strengthening Social Justice)

FiPR just launched this Ford Foundation funded project to support the long-term sustainability of seven organizations focused on social justice issues related to housing, land use, the environment and civic engagement. More details on this multi-year grant and its grantees coming soon. 

Learning to Listen + FORWARD Fund

We celebrated the end of Phase 1 with a meet and greet at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and are happy to report that this participatory grantmaking exercise resulted in Forward Fund grants to the following organizations:

Education: The group objective is to support systemic changes to Puerto Rico’s education system via:

Community based projects: Leverage and strengthen community-based organizations that have demonstrated a focus on transforming and empowering communities to impact the schools within. The ones selected are:

  • Asociación de Comunidades Unidas Tomando Acción Solidaria Inc. (ACUTAS)
  • Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Bucarabones Unido Inc.
  • Movimiento al Rescate de mi Escuela (MARE)

Oversight bodies:  Promote and support oversight bodies that, from a grassroots base, develop criteria, oversight skills and accountability, while promoting change in the Department of Education. Fiscal Entity Projects Selected and collaborating are:

  • Observatorio de Educación
  • Proyecto Matria

Transparency + Governance: objective is to support a cross-sectional strengthening of communities’ civic engagement by:

  1. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of grantees in designing and implementing initiatives to reduce inequities on the island.
  2. Increase representation and promote citizen activism related to governance and inclusivity, while impacting everyone’s well being and encouraging commitment from a new generation of community leaders.
  3. Create projects enabling citizen participation, transparency and accountability of municipal governments’ decision.
Ecosystem of organizations is composed by:
  • VAMOS Concertacion ciudadana
  • La Liga de Ciudades
  • Espacios Abiertos 
  • Sembrando Sentido
  • Observatorio de Equidad de Genero
Working in support and collaboration with;
  • Casa Solidaria Matria
  • Naguabo Somos Todos
  • Centro para la Reconstrucción del Hábitat

Environment: objective is to Advance resiliency and sustainability of nonprofit environmental organizations while reinforcing leadership, strengthening fiscal and programmatic health, increasing collective voice and influence, and facilitating collaboration within the sector to promote transformational systemic changes to achieve socio-environmental sustainability. Selected organizations are the following;

  • Instituto para la Investigación y la Acción en la Agroecología also is support of: YUCAE, Toabajeños en Defensa del  Ambiente, Amaneser 2025 
  • Parceleras AfroCaribeñas
  • Fideicomiso de Tierras Comunitarias para la Agricultura Sostenible
  • Para la Naturaleza 
  • Fideicomiso del Bosque Modelo de Puerto Rico


Annual Convening

We are only 16 days away from seeing all of you in our virtual learning sessions and in-person at the opening cocktail hour and community visit events. Grantmakers: reserve your spot if you haven’t done so already. Check out the latest schedule here.

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