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Evidence the violence: a citizen's database against police abuse

This webinar is part of series about the impact of the grants awarded under the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund, a pool of contributions raised by Filantropía Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Irma and Maria to support recovery efforts.


Kilómetro Cero presented ‘Evidencia la violencia’, a citizen-driven platform to register violent police incidents. Watch the webinar (in Spanish) to learn about how this powerful tool organizes data to give visibility to stories that 1) the State refuses to accept, 2) citizens ignore, or 3) that tend to be forgotten, on top of making it easier to demand accountability from authorities.

Mari Mari Narváez is the founder and executive director of Kilómetro Cero (Km-0), a non-profit organization that aspires to a Puerto Rico in which the State protects life, liberties and human dignity in the pursuit of public safety. At (Km-0), she learns and looks for ways to build a more democratic country, where the State does not abuse its power and a true public security can be built around equity and not on police repression. In 2019-2020, she was an Annenberg Innovation Lab Fellow at the University of Southern California (USC) and is currently an Open Society Foundations Justice Fellowship Fellow (2020-2022). Mari has a Master of Arts degree in Investigative Journalism and Latin American Studies, as well as doctoral courses in History and Gender Studies.

Aharhel Emilio Alicea thinks that building other futures is a creative process that must be uncomfortable. He graduated in the middle of the pandemic from the Comparative Literature program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, where he acquired tools to analyze cultural texts of all kinds. His professional interests are cultural studies, political communication, and journalism. He wrote for student media, was part of activist and artistic initiatives, and now continues to learn with (Km-0) to contribute to a future without policing, punitive or repressive logics.

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Picture of Mari Mari Narváez

Mari Mari Narváez

Founder & Executive Director, Kilómetro Cero

Picture of Aharhel Emilio Alicea

Aharhel Emilio Alicea

Documentalist, Kilómetro Cero


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