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Members Brunch - February 2023

It’s a wrap! Our first Members Brunch of the year was a total success!

We hosted our first Members Brunch of the year in collaboration with Fundación de Mujeres para Puerto Rico on February 2 at Fundación Banco Popular building. Our most attended brunch so far!

Together we explored and shared our experience with equity both personally, and from the work we do in our organizations. Sara Benitez and Irma Nazario, board members of FMPR,  anchored our conversations with their vast experience working for gender equity in Puerto Rico.

The Members Brunches started last year as a space to connect and continue building relationships among our members. In this brunch, we’ve seen how far we’ve come in just 1 year as a group and how, as a network, we keep growing and expanding connections. 

This year we’re curious to know how we are practicing equity from within our organizations. We know that the term has many definitions and approaches. Our team is looking forward to keep building spaces that strengthen our collective vision for a prosperous Puerto Rico. 


  • Yadira Valdivia Guevara, Liberty Foundation
  • Christine Tirado, Liberty Foundation
  • Cynthia Prieto, Fundación Banco Popular
  • Proviana Colon, Fundación Banco Popular
  • Francisco Chevere, Fundación Banco Popular
  • Natalia Irizarry, Fundación Banco Popular
  • Yarelis Pagán, Fundación Ángel Ramos
  • Edenmari Class Montijo, Fundación Ángel Ramos
  • Laura Navarro, Fundación Flamboyán
  • Iris Medina, Fundación Flamboyán
  • Natcha Aponte, Fundación Puertorriqueña para las Humanidades
  • Elena Colón, Fundación Intellectus
  • Veronica Colón, Fundación para las Mujeres de Puerto Rico
  • Dessy Bones, Fundación para las Mujeres de Puerto Rico 
  • Zulnette Garcia, Fundación para las Mujeres de Puerto Rico
  • Jocelyn Capeles, Fundación Comunitária de Puerto Rico

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