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Sharing Our Members' Experience with Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico

The February edition of our members brunch was a total success! After we kicked off the year with our first meeting of strategic planning, we asked ourselves how are we collectively moving towards advancing equity? And how can we continue to hold these spaces to build relationships and strengthen our collective growth? 

So, for the first Members Brunch of the year, we knew the best way to start our conversations was by having one of our own members, Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico, host us and talk to us about their leading work in gender equity. It’s amazing team Veronica, Zulnette, Dessy, Sara and Irma gave us a sense of how their mission is to strengthen feminist organizations economically and administratively to increase their social capital, access and control over resources, have powerful voices and a strong role in the transformation towards greater equity at the individual, community and public policy levels. 

Afterwards, the session was divided in two groups to talk about how we use our philanthropic practices to advance equity inside our organizations and how each of us intends to keep promoting this topic throughout the year.  After closing the session, we wanted to hear from their own experience how holding these spaces are of value and keep moving us forward as a collective…

When asked about how this event contributes to the growth of their foundation as a whole, they explained how they have proposed to be a leader in feminist philanthropy (with perspective) to transform society towards greater equality and how the Members Brunch allowed them to facilitate the beginning of a dialogue among members of FiPR on feminist philanthropy.

They also pointed out that “It is an important value for the FMnPR that we can develop alliances with other foundations that are interested in achieving gender equality so that in a collaborative and intentional way we can promote systemic, institutional and cultural transformations focused on gender equality. Being a reference and facilitator is of great value to us at FMnPR.”

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