June 2022

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Membership Experience

We’re putting a lot of magic into the [FiPR Membership Experience]! One of our top priorities at Filantropía Puerto Rico is to optimize our members’ experience. We are always listening, learning and evolving to co-create the best possible outcomes. We started this Membership journey before the pandemic began and now that we’re finally recovering is the perfect time to execute everything we have learned. With that said, we are making some changes in our [FiPR MX] and we are super excited for everything to come!

This new perspective is focused on maximizing our resources so that each member enjoys, learns and takes advantage of every experience. These changes have been co-created and tailored to meet the needs of our ever-growing membership to keep aligning efforts. For this, we will hold spaces for our members to interact and build relationships at different levels.

We keep listening and co-creating this experience!

It takes a while to lean in and have difficult conversations. Holding spaces for our members to interact, build relationships and get to know each other better in different scenarios is one of our main objectives. Sometimes our members need a space to talk about the impactful work they’re doing, and other times they just want to get together and relax! No matter the case, FiPR has something for everyone. We celebrated our monthly Members Brunch and our bi-monthly Networking Event this past July.

Learning Journeys

Check out this video from last month’s Learning Journey, where our Membership visited the Centro de Apoyo Mutuo de Caguas, immersing themselves in the community and learning about all the amazing work this group does.

NGOs Research

The Estudio sobre el impacto económico y social de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Puerto Rico, 2022, a comprehensive study analyzing the economic and social impact of the social sector on the island, has been out for almost a month. Our Executive Director emphasizes in an article of El Nuevo Día and in Podcast PR con Luis Alberto Ferré that the social sector is the first to commit to the social development of Puerto Rico during times of crisis, in addition to highlighting the most important details of this research. Read the full article here and broadcast the full podcast here.

We are excited to keep sharing the study and hearing from nonprofits all across the island on how they are taking advantage of this extensive study.

Members Exclusive: Webinar

In hopes of understanding how the general public feels about the present and future state of economic, social and environmental issues, our Membership enjoyed an exclusive webinar on a study that focuses on just that, called Ciudadanos y Marcas. Anitza Cox, from Estudios Técnicos, spoke with our membership about the changing mindset of the Puerto Rican people after events like Hurricane María, the earthquakes and the pandemic.

Action Dialogues

The conversation revolved around intentionally leveraging resources and being spokespersons for Puerto Rico’s philanthropic work. We take the opportunity to build strategies that amplify the voices of the organizations we support and share experiences that have allowed us to expand our capacities in alliance with national and international foundations. As an example, we had Alexandra Hertell share her experience at the HIP conference, where she gave visibility to environmental organizations doing innovative work on the island. The Action Dialogues serve as the key space for our members to share this type of information.

Annual Convening

Our yearly Annual Convening is just around the corner!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome grantmakers and philanthropic leaders to this year’s Annual Convening, titled Lean In to Co-Create. One thing we are most excited about is that it is finally in person, after such a long time!

Click here to visit our website and learn more about the biggest and most important grantmaker summit in all of Puerto Rico.

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Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (Strengthening Social Justice)

Non-profit organizations work hard to continue building Puerto Rico. But do they really know each other deeply? During last month’s cohort meeting, the organizations decided to work on an Asset Bank, a place to share what everyone has to offer and promote collaboration.

The group is getting more and more comfortable with each other and have already started to share insights about how they can push the cohort forward as a united front. See more on how the cohort has been getting to know each other by heading to our website! There, you will find a series of blogs, pictures and videos documenting the cohort’s progress.

Learning to Listen

Although some of our Learning to Listen grantees have reached the nine month mark, and their one-year grant is coming to an end, FiPR continues to learn how they are progressing with their organizations’ mission. This continues to be essential for the [Learning to Listen Toolkit], which we have been working very hard on and you can expect very, very soon!

To see who our grantees are, learn about their proposals, and how much money they were granted, click here!

Collaborative Funds

FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund


With the support of the FORWARD Fund, FURIA has been able to expand their recovery efforts in special communities while also creating a Participative Support Manual that directly involves community leaders from different sectors. FURIA has emerged as a reliable and respected source for the Puerto Rico legislature, frequently advising lawmakers on topics related to social and community projects. The Sistemización y Creación Participativa Para la Resiliencia project has created a space where information can be shared between communities and leaders from around the island.

Learn more and watch their video here!

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