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Impact Summary September 2023

In a world with a significant lack of accountability, we hold the belief that being accountable is not only vital for our development as an organization but also essential for our personal growth. At Filantropía Puerto Rico, we place a strong emphasis on responsibilities, not only toward our ecosystem but also with ourselves. 

This freshly updated Impact Summary represents that introspection and serves as an exercise to track our monthly achievements. Take a look!

Towards equity and beyond,

Glenisse Pagán

Executive Director

What’s going on at FiPR?

During this month, we held our last Learning Journey of the year visiting Centro Esperanza in Loíza. In a collaborative effort, we co-created the agenda with the young tourist interpreters of Turismo Patrimonial de Centro Esperanza, a recently launched social enterprise focused on preserving the cultural heritage of Loíza. This initiative is part of other programs aimed at positively influencing young individuals who are vulnerable to community violence, providing them with opportunities for social mobility. This experience allowed us to connect with the relevance of promoting equity in communities through opportunities and participation.

Moreover, through our monthly Action Dialogue, we discussed the relevance of data between our philanthropic ecosystem, aiming to enhance our collective understanding and alignment of efforts. Our Members Investment Landscape is a vital tool for gaining insights into how philanthropic resources are allocated in Puerto Rico. It enables us to identify potential gaps that can inform the development of evolving strategies. This field report empowers the philanthropic sector to allocate resources more effectively, supporting both short-term and long-term strategies.

Also, on the way to expand our learning resources in the social sector, we delve into national issues such as housing and abandoned spaces in a conversation with Luis Gallardo from the Centro para la Reconstrucción del Hábitat through our podcast, Somos Filantropía

During September, we approached our seventh cohort meeting of “Robusteciendo la Justicia Social” with a unique perspective. During this event, we provided a platform for our members and other organizations to connect with the participant organizations within this community of practice. Throughout the discussion titled “Expandiendo y fortaleciendo la justicia social en Puerto Rico: A seis años del comienzo de la recuperación en Puerto Rico”, these organizations openly shared their challenges and accomplishments during the recovery process over the years. Additionally, they had the opportunity to articulate their visions for Puerto Rico’s recovery.

This event was highlighted by the national press in the following coverages: 

Also, we kept the conversation and launched it as a special episode of our podcast.

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