February 2023

serving philanthropy

Goodbye February and Hello March, a month that inspires balance and awakening, just like spring. This second month of the year was short, intense and sweet, read below how we advance our mission and initiatives.

We serve a diverse and vibrant membership of highly engaged philanthropic organizations through collective intelligence and our strong membership model that promotes transformational philanthropic practices to advance equity. 


Our network keeps growing! We welcome Fundación Puertorriqueña para las Humanidades Fundación Rimas as new members of Filantropía Puerto Rico. 

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We had our first action dialogue of the year. We began with onboarding for our new members and a follow-up conversation of our strategic planning session and began co-creating the agenda of the topics to be discussed during the year. Some topics on the list include participatory processes in grantmaking, equity practices inside our organizations, what each of us means when we talk about advocacy and general operating grants.


We hosted our first Members Brunch of the year in collaboration with one of our own members Fundación de Mujeres para Puerto Rico. Together we explored and shared our experience with equity both personally, and from the work we do in our organizations. Sara Benitez and Irma Nazario, board members of FMPR,  anchored our conversations with their vast experience working for gender equity in Puerto Rico.  Learn how our members feel about their experience.


Are you a grantmaker? Investing in Puerto Rico. We invite you to report your 2022 philanthropic investments. With this data we elevate your work, align the ecosystem and remind us of our collective strength. Consider submitting your grants data. The picture of who is funding what and where isn’t complete without you. 

Expanding philanthropy

Our goal is the constant implementation of innovative philanthropic practices that advance equity and justice. We have on-going guiding initiatives that create diverse networks of collaboration to help amplify the impact of our members.


We have closed several multi year grants that came to an end this 2023, like Taller SaludHASER, iCASA, and Sembrando Sentido. We are truly inspired by the growth of these organizations and the impact of these grantsin consolidating the strategy of both organizations and allowing them to advance an equitable Puerto Rico.


We are so looking forward to sharing this guide. We are working behind the scenes very hard. Coming Soon!


Robusteciendo La Justicia Social entered its second year of grant support. 

This initiative is also tied to the public sector collaborations of Commitments to a Sustainable Recovery. Progress and interaction continues to improve, you can read the details of the first meeting of 2023 here: Compromisos a una Recuperacion Justa

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