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Action Summary July 2023

July arrived with the launch of our podcast Somos Filantropía. During our “trailer” episode, our “equipazo” took the mic to reflect and discuss equity as our vision and the reason that mobilized all of our work in Filantropía Puerto Rico. 

In another note, during our Action Dialogue we delved into the topic of High Quality Listening and Feedback sharing our perspectives and experiences. We discussed how relevant and essential listening is in connecting with communities and providing support and accompaniment. This topic holds particular significance to us since listening practices are one of the transformational methodologies that we hold in all our initiatives as an organization. 

Furthermore, during the visit of Ford Foundation we held conversations with our members around the investments in Puerto Rico and how as a collective we can continue contributing and leveraging their resources to a more equitable and fair archipelago. 

In an exciting moment, our Membership Services Officer, Anja Paonessa, had a remarkable opportunity with an emerging leadership grant, to participate in the United Philanthropy Forum (UPF) Convention held in New York City. As a leading platform for philanthropy-serving organizations nationwide, UPF provided Anja invaluable insights into best practices and operational structures. She also forged meaningful connections with similar organizations, which will enhance our member support and expand our goals for the upcoming year.

As mid year approached, we remained intentional in tracking our organizational progress and impact on the social ecosystem through our Half Year Impact Highlights report. This report allowed us to assess the improvement of our initiatives, but primarily to leverage the crucial connection between our two main goals: serving and expanding philanthropy.

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