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Embracing a New Chapter: FiPR's Strategic Vision for the Future

We are excited to announce that our Strategic Plan for the next three years has been completed. This new version allows us to have a redefined focus, new expansion opportunities, and alignment for future collective actions.

This process was possible thanks to a co-creation exercise that we carried out together with our members, board of directors, and team that began in November 2022. Through feedback and meetings, we collaborate and curate the available data for this transformation as an organization. 

This collective effort served as the basis to refine and focus our direction on our vision of a Puerto Rico with equal opportunities and our mission of philanthropic development and social investment that promotes equity and social justice.

Our strategic plan is nourished and defined by two main goals:

Goal 1: Supporting philanthropic organizations in the adoption of practices that advance equity in Puerto Rico.

Goal 2: Expanding philanthropic resources to advance equity in Puerto Rico.

As part of our mission and values, we work as connectors and facilitators that hold the needed spaces for the philanthropic sector to be at the forefront of social change on the archipelago and closely in touch with community based organizations. As part of serving our network, we hold regular spaces to strengthen our relationships, grow our collective intelligence, and explore innovative strategies to take action. As part of expanding our philanthropic practices, we curate resources, collect data, and promote spaces to attract financial investments to Puerto Rico. 

Our initiatives range from the membership service which aims to support the philanthropic ecosystem, to projects that manage to attract and mobilize investment to Puerto Rico. Our membership program is intentionally designed to create spaces where our members can meet and collaborate through relationship, capacity and strategic building. These experiences serve as a platform to expand their ideas and perspectives with peers looking for new transformative practices. We hold the spaces with the focus of aligning as a collective to promote future actions that advance equity and social justice. 

On the other hand, we created the Learning to Listen initiative where we convened foundations, non-profit organizations and community leaders to explore first-hand listening practices through a process of participatory philanthropy. Through this methodology, we centered the voice of the community and raised their participation in the grantmaking process. Also, we are part of the Funder Listening Community of Practice, a cohort of other organizations that also serve the philanthropic ecosystem that seeks to explore and expand their listening practices.

As part of our intention to collect and facilitate access to information within the philanthropic ecosystem, we have designed a Collective Intelligence initiative that will offer a broad picture of the resources of the sector and the ways in which philanthropy can address the challenges and opportunities in Puerto Rico.

Also, our community of practice, Robusteciendo la justicia social is an initiative supporting long-term sustainability for seven local social justice organizations focused on issues related to housing, land use, the environment, and civic engagement. Through this community of practice, we hold spaces for participants to have strategic conversations, identify common challenges, and co-create solutions together that address issues in Puerto Rico. From this initiative, we sustain Compromisos para una recuperación justa, a space that we facilitate from Filantropía Puerto Rico for non-profit organizations and state and federal government agencies to meet and commit on housing and recovery issues in the archipelago.

Likewise, the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund is committed to mobilizing investments that will advance equity in Puerto Rico. This collaborative fund aims to attract funders who invest in long-term systemic change to move Puerto Rico FORWARD. Also, this fund has served as a catalyst in times of national emergencies and has allowed resources to reach those who need them most. 

From Filantropía Puerto Rico, we are excited about this new chapter and we invite you to join us in this remarkable journey to promote equity and social justice in our country.

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