April 2022

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Membership Experience

Our Membership Services encompass a variety of benefits, including virtual and non-virtual events designed to create profound learning opportunities and connect with other grantmakers and grantees. See how we’re co-creating this tailor-made experience along with our members on this Action Summary!



The Learning Journeys, part of Filantropía Puerto Rico Member Experience, seeks to expand connections between members and bring the perspectives of the communities they serve. On our first Learning Journey we visited Villa Cañona in Loíza.

Click here to recap this amazing event and see how our membership is inserting themselves into the communities they serve!

Action Dialogues

Some very exciting things are coming soon for our Action Dialogues itinerary! We have been listening to our members and are looking forward to sharing the new changes for this essential part of our Membership Program.

Stay tuned and expect some important updates very soon!

Annual Convening

Planning starts soon for our yearly gathering of leaders, strategists, disruptors, and innovators of the philanthropic sector. We’re open to your speaker and session suggestions in order to make this year’s event our very best!

Save the dates! October 19 – 21, 2022.

Get to know us!


Get to know our members and what they’re saying!


On April 22nd the world celebrated Earth Day, and Filantropía Puerto Rico was no different. Click here to see a brief discussion of how our team is doing its part to take care and protect our planet!


Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (Strengthening Social Justice)

Robusteciendo la Justicia Social is progressing nicely! Our cohort members have had their first in person meeting, and have continued working on next steps and preparation for the upcoming working session at the start of June. Creating and developing a united front between the cohort members is an essential part of this project, and we are very pleased with the work and achievements so far.

For some examples of the important work the RJS members are currently doing, click here to see some of Ayuda Legal’s work and here to see how Sembrando Sentido is battling corruption.

Learning to Listen

Our Participatory Grantmaking project is entering its final phase! After more than six months of dialogues with all the chosen organizations, we are finally ready to release the Learning to Listen Toolkit this next June.

Click here to read more about the Learning to Listen experience and here to visit our redesigned website, where you can find more information about this special project.

Collaborative Funds

FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund

This month we highlight two more FORWARD Fund grantees to see how they have progressed and evolved since receiving their grants.


The Puerto Rico Civic Address Vulnerability Assessment (PRCAVE) Toolkit, developed by ICASA, proposes to create a radiography of the population that has remained invisible on maps for decades, that are not part of “official” government data, and remain excluded from federal programs due to problems of geolocation. Also through the FORWARD Fund, ICASA has been able to support the Vieques Nombra sus Calles project, an effort to preserve the cultural history of the municipality by officially naming their streets and neighborhoods. In addition, the fund has helped them generate verifiable data to shed light and evaluate the impact of public policy after Hurricane Maria on rural populations in Puerto Rico.

Learn more about ICASA’s work by watching their video here!

Ayuda Legal

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico provides free legal support and education to low-income families and communities. With the help of the FORWARD Fund, they have been able to provide valuable access to information about the legal aspects of the recovery funds received by many Puerto Ricans after the hurricanes.  With more than 2 million yearly visits, is a vital resource for finding information about recovery funds, legal advice, and resources. The FORWARD Fund has also allowed them to branch out and expand their capacities for writing and publishing information about public policy for people all around the island through the Derecho a la Vivienda y a la Recuperación Justa project.

Watch their full video!

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