August 2022

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Annual Convening

Our yearly Annual Convening is getting closer!

This year’s convening will tackle a variety of themes that look to bring us closer and strategize as a collective. Today’s challenges and polarized opinions call for opening up, listening to each other, and acknowledging that we need to work together.

The Annual Convening page will keep everyone updated on new speakers, agenda items and other important details as we prepare to come together, Lean In and Co-Create!

If you’re a grantmaking organization in Puerto Rico and would like to attend the event, visit the landing page and register now.

Action Dialogues

The Action Dialogues have taken a new direction focused on building strategies, delving into philanthropic trends, and harvesting collective intelligence that will strengthen the philanthropic ecosystem.

This month marked an important moment where the FiPR team presented the ways in which the organization is moving to align actions, wills, and agendas. FiPR has been strategically restructuring these private spaces into more meaningful and impactful conversations.

One of the highlights was Fundación Mujeres de Puerto Rico, who shared her vision of philanthropic support for gender equity in Puerto Rico. Following Fundación Flamboyan showcasing their efforts with the educational initiative “Todos a Leer”.

Members Brunch

Our monthly Member Brunches are relationship building spaces where all our members can convene, unite and strategize together. This month marked a shift on the event, as it was hosted by Lydia Figueroa, Executive Director of Fundación Triple S. From now on, brunches will be held at one of our members’ offices, giving everyone an opportunity to talk and focus on the specific needs of that organization.

Read this blog and hear from Lydia Figueroa directly on the impact of the Member Brunches!

Members Exclusive: Webinar

Research & Development

The Estudio sobre el impacto económico y social de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Puerto Rico, 2022, a comprehensive study analyzing the economic and social impact of the social sector on the island, has proved to be a monumental contribution to our philanthropic ecosystem. Our Executive Director, Glenisse Pagán, was invited to the Para Servirle Podcast, where she spoke at length about the impact of the study and all the work that Filantropía Puerto Rico has been doing to be a connector of opportunities for the sector.

Listen to the podcast here!

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On August 10th, part of the FiPR membership in Puerto Rico met with the new leadership of the CEG Ford Foundation, Manuela Arciniegas and Javier Valdés. Filantropía Puerto Rico held this space to align strategies, agendas and continue to lean in and listen to each other.

Click here to learn more about Ford Foundation’s visit to the island!

Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (Strengthening Social Justice)


Robusteciendo la Justicia Social (RJS), made possible by Ford Foundation, looks to test and explore the evolution of philanthropic practices, including flexible funding, multi-annual grant support, peer learnings, high quality feedback and self-diagnostic tools. During the week of August 10th, Ford Foundation’s new leadership for Civic and Engagement and Governments, Manuela Arciniegas and Javier Valdés, came to Puerto Rico to learn more about Puerto Rican nonprofits, communities and foundations.

Learn more about the lunch and what Ford talked about with our community of practice here!


The Charging Stations are an essential part of our grant process, be it in RJS, the Forward Fund, or any other project where we collaborate with grantees. The name “Charging Station” comes from the idea that this is a space to recharge energies, refocus our efforts and go back to work more motivated than before. Aside from that, they are our opportunity to connect with the grantee more closely, learn about their challenges and struggles and find ways in which we can help them reach their goals.

Click here to read more on our Charging Stations!

Learning to Listen

The Learning to Listen project has been a long, and rewarding journey for everyone involved since it was originally imagined back in 2020. As a matter of fact, this was the first Participatory Grantmaking initiative done in the Puerto Rican philanthropic ecosystem. Now that the project is finally reaching its end, Glenisse Pagán-Ortiz and Anja Paonessa Braffet look back to reflect on some of the details, challenges and lessons learned during the past two years.

Click here to see everything they said!

FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC)

Through the FORWARD Fund, MAC was able to generate efforts to support the devastation caused by the earthquakes in the southern area of Puerto Rico through its project, Art and psychosocial support for the south. This Community Emergency Program, which then spawned an Art and Psychological support system for communities in the southwest part of the island, facilitated the expression of the residents of diverse communities and contributed to building creative capacities to develop physical and psychological well-being in the lives of people affected by the seismic activity.

Watch their video!

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